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No two actors are the same and every actor needs something different from their headshots. We are not a production line photographer desperate to get you out of the door with their standard headshot. We take the time to ensure you get exactly what you need.  

Dynamic headshots

Our philosophy is to put some fire between you and the lens, to capture some of your inner magic! You have such a short window of time to grab attention with your headshot and the way to stand out is with dynamic, engaging headshots. Casting directors and producers look through thousands of actors headshots – make sure yours grabs their attention   

Online proofing gallery & quick turnaround

Within two days, your proofs will be available online for you to view. We also take the pain out of picking your images by providing advice on the best images to fit your needs. Once you’ve made your choices, your retouched images will be available to download in less than 48hrs.  

Beautifully & professionally retouched images

You’ll receive your perfectly retouched choices, provided in both colour and black & white.Your actors headshots will be supplied in both full resolution for printing and an optimised resolution for social media/e-mail to make sure your headshots look amazing however you use them.


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Headshots with impact

Our actors headshots always pack a punch and a little swagger.

Headshots with personality

Our headshots capture personality and heart – no boring, neutral shots that fade into the crowd

Headshots with purpose

Our goal is to give you headshots that work for you; headshots that leap off the page and demand attention!

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300-400 Shots taken


Mixture of Studio & Natural light


6 image choices

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For actors, your headshot is the most important piece of marketing you have. As someone who has worked on both sides of the casting process I’ve looked at thousands of actors headshots, some great, some bad and many, many boring ones.

The key thing your headshot needs to do is to look like you, but more importantly it has to be interesting and demand attention! Gone are the days when producers and casting directors would sit and ponder over a selection of 10×8 actors headshots – everything is now so instant and quick that your headshot has to be unique and leap off the screen at them. I purposely don’t employ a set ‘style’ to my shots as I tailor each headshot session for each individual; that way you don’t end up with a headshot that looks pretty much the same as the 8 other shoots I did this week. I change backgrounds, lighting style and production techniques to suit you – not to make my life easier!

I don’t want you to look like you are in front of a camera, I want you to look like you are in front of a human being. There has to be life between you and the camera otherwise all you get is a pretty headshot with that glassy look in the eyes. That’s great, but casting directors, agents and producers see thousands of ‘pretty’ photos every day but the ones with the edge that engage are the ones that they remember. This can take a while to get right in a shoot, which is why I allocate plenty of time to each person.

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