March 29, 2017 Alex Lagarejos

Our corporate headshots process – part one

Once you have booked an on-site corporate photography shoot there are a few things you will need to consider. The more decisions you can make at this stage the better. We will guide you through all the necessary details and this will mean that your shoot day will run smoothly and your London headshots will completely fit your brief.

What is your aesthetic brief? What do you want these photos to say or convey?

We naturally assume that the aesthetic for most corporate shoots will be professional and approachable. Most of our corporate clients tell us that they want their staff to come across as professional, trustworthy and friendly. You are welcome to advise us of specifics eg. no cheesy grins or nothing too stern!

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Do you want your business headshots to be in black and white or colour?

We always deliver both as standard but it’s good for you to have been through this whole thought process so we can achieve your goal.

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Background colour

There are many options we can provide for your background. While white can at times seem bland and have an air of “stock photography” to it, however when treated and lit properly it can still be sophisticated.

Grey is a strong choice for the modern, corporate world. Don’t be fooled into thinking that grey is boring! It can be elevated to be super high-end and is one of our signature looks for our editorial portraits.

Black has a high-fashion air and provides significant drama to your corporate photography but it’s not for everyone.

We can provide a whole host of other background choices for you so should you have a specific brand identity to follow we will always try our best to accommodate you, again advanced notice is best. All of these options can be discussed with our Creative Director to nail your look.

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What to wear?

Your business is being represented within these photos so your marketing manager or whoever is liaising with us should have an overall visual of how they want the brand to come across. In simple terms however; wear what you would normally wear to work, or better yet, what you would wear to your ultimate job interview – a client may view your images before committing to working with you so in essence, this is a job interview! Plus if you feel fabulous then this confidence will translate well into the lens. It may sound a little obvious, but please make sure that all clothing is crisp, pressed and neat – wrinkles are not a good business look and photoshop can only fix so much!

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What about make up?

The general rule here is for ladies to wear what they would normally wear to work. We want you to feel comfortable and we also want the picture to represent you authentically. It’s no good for a client to meet with you and not recognise the face in front of them! However, should you wish to add a little more make up so you look your best that’s absolutely fine – but this is daytime so nothing too dramatic!

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The edit

There are some standardised things that we will always fix in our post-production but after that there are different degrees to which we can take it – all based on your needs. We keep all our editing in-house rather than out-sourcing it abroad so that we retain full control of all the images. This way it is completely in line with your wishes.

We can make everyone flawless with a glossy, magazine style edit – which is taking the edit to the max but our usual recommendation would be the happy medium. This means that we will correct any minor flaws and blemishes, smooth fine lines and remove stray hairs. The key for us though is to retain what makes you – you.

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