June 14, 2017 Alex Lagarejos

Our corporate headshots process – part two – group shots

So the first post in our series on corporate photography (which you can read here) outlined the main things you need to consider once you’ve booked your shoot with us.
Today we’re discussing group shots…..

Corporate group photographyWhether it’s your whole team that needs photographs or smaller sections; we’ve got you covered.

You may want to go with a traditional corporate look which is fresh and clean.

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Or perhaps you’d prefer something a bit outside of the box or more creative, again – we can accommodate all your choices.

Corporate team photography
The best way to decide what kind of group photos to go with is to consider how you will be using these images. If they are going on your website think about sizing and placement and if you may need different versions of the same group.
The one thing we always try to avoid in our group shots is the “school football team” look. As with our individual shots we are aiming for professional yet natural images and not forced or staged. There are two main ways we can go about this…
Firstly, we can shoot your team in one go – altogether as you would expect. Don’t panic about each individual looking great in every shot – trust us, there’s always someone blinking! We can actually seamlessly blend in faces from other pictures though meaning that you end up with a team shot where everyone looks their best. This style of shot also allows you to be more flexible when it comes to the location of your corporate team photographs.
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Shooting your team this way obviously means that you need to have all your staff in one place at the same time, which we appreciate can be a mammoth task when it comes to coordinating the schedules of so many people!
So there is another option….
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We can take individual shots of every team member and knit them together into one composite image. For this option we shoot on a plain background so that the finished product will appear completely seamless. We have found this to be a favourite solution for many companies since it’s much easier to coordinate individual members of staff.
Another benefit with the composite shot is that we can also put in your company logo during the edit.
If you have any questions regarding our corporate photography then just drop us a line, or to book us click here.