May 12, 2016 Alex Lagarejos

Corporate headshots – can your company cope without them?

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Corporate headshots – can your company cope without them?

Whatever your line of business a strong brand identity is vital to your success which is probably why more new and growing business are turning to PR/marketing advisors than ever before to enhance their web presence and update their branding.

Your website, logo and marketing strategies are the tools you use to communicate with existing and potential clients but is your website doing all it can to generate business?

A company who presents well and has a strong brand will appeal to new customers but one of the most important, yet often overlooked, sections on a business site is the “about us” or “meet the team” tab. This is where a client can look into the human element of your company to decide if you will be a good fit; do you look trustworthy, friendly and professional?

Not only could an updated team page with stunning photographs draw in new business but Google have recently changed their algorithms with regard to this area. Google now actively penalises websites that do not provide detailed company profiles. If your website doesn’t have a full “about us” page including images you will find your site dropping down the search results – and we all know how important it is to stay on the front page of Google!

Added to this, with the right kind of photography your business’ click to client ratio can increase by up to 28%, purely because a potential client can see into your company before they’ve even interacted with you.

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Luckily, businesses are catching onto this; which is why the use of corporate headshot photography on websites is still increasing year on year, with companies deciding that this return is well worth the investment of booking a professional photographer.

Corporate headshots may have received a bad rep in the past (thanks mainly to the 80s!!) but their impact today should not be underestimated; there’s a big difference between a team page with consistently strong images from the same photographer and a miss-matched lot of selfies and profile pictures when it comes to a through line in branding.

When working in corporate photography we don’t just follow the brief given to us but help to create that brief because we know what translates well into images. Being in front of the lens is a daunting place to be but we are all about providing a high-energy atmosphere to get the most out of our subjects and put them at ease. We pride ourselves on our engaging and dynamic photography, which is so much more than a flat image. There’s a definite skill to seeing into the nature of someone and capturing that in a photograph.

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The right corporate photographer will help clients think outside the box to create a partnership which works. A great photographer needs to read a brand quickly and provide clients with shots that capture their brand identity so that it can be recognised instantly. Even if a client does want simple, clean, fresh images on a white background – they don’t need to be stuffy and one-dimensional.

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