March 21, 2016 Alex Lagarejos

What to expect from a headshot session

What to expect from a headshot session

When you book a headshot session with us the first thing to know is that you are entering into a collaborative process.

As actors ourselves we understand just what you want from a headshot, what an agent expects and what a casting director wants to see. Your headshot is still your foot in the door and not only does it have to be an accurate representation of you for when you walk through that door – it has to allow your personality to translate.

If you are a corporate client the approach is the same – we want to spend sufficient time learning about you; your business, your needs and how you want your headshots to work for you.

Before we shoot anything we take the time to discuss exactly what you are hoping to get from your headshots – are you going for a specific part? Do you hate your outdated headshots? Is your business trying to appeal to a new clientele? All of this will help us to work together and let your face work for you.

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It’s essential that you have a great rapport with your photographer so that you are at ease and you trust his work. Actors will find it easier to take direction though corporate clients may find this takes a little getting used to – but remember we know what looks great in a finished photo so try to go with it and we promise the results will speak for themselves!

We love to create a relaxed atmosphere so we use lots of music in our sessions – from the sublime to the ridiculous – whatever works to shift your tension (yes, Even MC Hammer if necessary!). Tension is not your friend as it stands out in a photograph, there will however be plenty of time to work through this.

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Although we state that a session lasts 1 ½ hours it’s important to note that we book with large gaps between clients meaning that we really can take our time and we promise never to end a session until we have nailed the shot.

During this time you can expect somewhere in the region of 400 shots so there will be lots to choose from in your proofs – don’t panic though as we are always on hand to provide advice on how to choose or which pictures we recommend.

Your shots will be taken in both natural light and under studio light, and in front of different backdrops.

You will have the opportunity to change your outfit/look as many times as you like throughout the session and will be able to see lots of images as you go along so you can get an idea of how great your shots will be!

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It’s advisable to check out our post on how to prepare for your session HERE for some of our tips on how to really make the most of your experience.

In our next series of posts we will take you through what happens after the shoot, how to view your proofs and tips for choosing your best shots. We will also explain a little about the editing process.

As always, do get in touch if you have any questions at all.