November 15, 2016 Alex Lagarejos

Is it time for an updated headshot?

Is it time for an updated headshot?

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As an actor you don’t need us to tell you how important a great actors headshot is so I’m sure you’ve already got one……but is it representing the current you?In fact, nowadays whatever business you’re in you should recognise that a strong headshot is vital to represent your brand in just the right way; meaning you also know that if your picture is out of date it’s really not much use.


So hopefully, because you know this you’ve already seen how much a quality headshot has helped you get ahead of the game or attract new clients. However, if your picture is more than a couple of years old it more than likely needs updating if you want it to keep working for you.

A client meeting you needs to see the same face they’ve viewed on your website and for actors – an out of date headshot can do more harm than good. If you walk into an audition and a casting director doesn’t see what they’re expecting then they will not be very happy with you!


Still not convinced?


You may not feel that you haven’t changed much since your last headshot but you probably aren’t the best person to make that call since you’ve been watching your face change gradually over a long period of time and can’t necessarily see all the little changes which have happened. Say you bumped into an old friend, try to think how much they would think you’d changed.

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When you really think about what you’ve been through over the last couple of years, is it any wonder that you’ve gained a couple of wrinkles or “laughter lines” 😉

Touring through Belgium on that two-hander might have taken more of a toll than you realised. Or just the simple act of ageing can change your casting bracket so it’s important for that to be reflected by your actors headshot.

Likewise in the corporate world, being promoted may have plumped up your bank balance but it’s extra responsibilities may also have plumped those bags under your eyes.

Don’t despair though as it’s not all about ageing – a new hair do, or even a new hair colour can require updated headshots, as can changes in fashion or make up trends.

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Of course you may feel that the headshots you have weren’t really worth it and that they haven’t grown your business in the way you had hoped for. We don’t consider that to be a good reason for not to get them updated – maybe you just need to choose a different photographer this time. You may interact differently with a new person who has no preconceptions of you. How you hold yourself and how relaxed you feel will make a big difference to your final images.

Another reason to check out other photographers may be because your old photographer is stuck in a rut using an old-fashioned, out of date styles. You deserve to have clean, modern and engaging shots so it is always worth looking around before you commit to the same person as before.

Whoever you choose though just make sure you keep them up to date and make your face work for you!